Roger Martínez Achalma

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Roger Martínez Achalma

Roger Martínez Achalma is an expert at making altarpieces and painting wooden furniture. He was born in Huamanga, Ayacucho. His father had his own studio where he made altarpieces in the traditional style of Ayachucho. In his father’s studio, Roger learned to make molded figures for altarpieces and to paint traditional designs on the wooden boxes of the altarpieces. When he was seventeen years old, he started working full-time at his father’s studio. Once year later, he moved to Lima to start producing his own altarpieces of different sizes. On one occasion, he was asked to paint the decoration on wooden furniture created by famous artists. The high-profile clients of these artists liked Roger’s contribution to their furniture so much that it brought him fame.

Currently, Roger works with Raymisa and is responsible for painting the varied decoration on the wooden furniture that is destined for the American market.

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