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Our Services

Among various activities, Raymisa SA has specialized in developing products for our different collections. This way, clients have the chance to influence the design of our products while the quality remains at the highest level.

In the case of our textile collection, clients may provide photos, a piece of cloth or an instruction book to create a specific design. Secondly, clients may choose the type of fabric, technique and different colors. Afterwards, the product will be developed. In the case of our ceramic, furniture and

other collections, clients may provide photos, an instruction book and additional information and choose the size and color in order to develop their dream product.

In our view, product development is crucial, because it involves interaction with every person involved in the production chain. In the end, the production process is not just a mechanism to create the specific product, but it is a way to transmit knowledge and creative ideas. This encourages and empowers studios in every region of Peru.