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Feriberto Aylas

Feriberto Aylas is an autodidact master of pottery whose work reflects his life experiences in Peru. With his pieces of art he wants to introduce the public to Peruvian nature, the customs of indigenous peasants and the reality of Andean life. When Feriberto was little, he began working with ceramics. He remembers how making his own toys of clay as boy, while letting his family’s animals graze in the countryside. Later he started making glass windows.

At the age of eight, Feriberto visited the house of Artemio Orellana, a master of pottery, who patiently taught him the secrets of the craft. For a while he studied at a technical center, which allowed him to meet Mamerto Sánchez, who taught pottery at that time. He lived in Quinua until the age of eighteen, along with his brothers. In 1985, he moved to Lima to escape the difficult circumstances in his native district. He found a home in the district of Chorrillos, where other masters of pottery promoted their work and supported each other. Together they form a small community.

In 1994, Feriberto won the Inti Raymi contest. In 1997, he won an award for masters of pottery. These important awards allowed him to show his work to the public and to dedicate himself full-time to pottery. He used the prize money he opened his own studio.

One street in Lima houses the Orellana, Huasacca and Aylas families, all notable masters of pottery. In Feriberto’s studio he is assisted by ten people, who help him with baking and painting his pieces of art. For the finishing touch they use a specific natural clay. Feriberto likes to make angels. In contrast with most modern artists, he still works with wood stoves. Once in a while he uses electric ovens, but he prefers the heat of wood stoves, because it adds a special color to his pieces of art.

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